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Movie Review: Arrival

Arrival raises many good questions. Not necessarily questions about how language works or what to do in the event of an alien invasion, but questions about the structure of narrative construction and what makes for a compelling story. Arrival‘s surface structure … Continue reading

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Material Possessions: A minimalist’s view on Things

There is a common misconception that minimalism is just about having less things than your friends (or just less stuff in general). This is partially the fault of minimalist bloggers’ mild obsession with counting their stuff and showing off how … Continue reading

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Inspire Me: 3 Secrets to Success by Eric Thomas

The Inspire Me series of posts consist of other people’s works I have found extremely valuable and insightful. I will quote extensively from these works while adding my own comments as to why these works are worth reading and re-reading … Continue reading

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Minimalism 101: An Introduction to Minimalist Living

I consider myself a “minimalist”. Now that can mean a variety of things. One thing I do not mean is I’m a painter and my artworks consist of squares and rectangles filled with primary colors. Thus I make the distinction between minimalism … Continue reading

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Facebook and the Meaning of Life

How many times is your browser opened to Facebook and you find yourself having nothing to do but continuously hit the refresh button? You’ve already scrolled down the newsfeed up to where you left off last time… you’ve already commented … Continue reading

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On Awkwardness: an existential investigation

Awkward. It was the sighting of a woman that cannot be described by anything other than the word “awkward” that got me thinking how prevalent that expression has become. Usually, the expression is used in the past-tense: “Oh, that was … Continue reading

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A real teacher.

After eight full years of formal education (or however back you want to trace it), what have I learned? What has stayed in terms of the knowledge in my brain? At first glance, the answer appears to be a short … Continue reading

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